A multi-instrumental mix of traditional music from Europe and beyond...

 About Us

Fremsley consists of Paul, Mike, Chris, and Charles. Between the four of them they cover instruments from guitar to accordion, violin to clarinet, cajon to hurdy-gurdy... and much more! They play an eclectic mix of traditional musical arrangements from around Europe and beyond, interlaced with some original tunes as well as intricate covers of recognisable classics such as Erik Satie's "Gnossienne 1".  Their influences extend from folk to jazz, from country to prog, and their collective musicality makes for a very special and unique sound that is unlike anything else.

Meet The Band

Paul Chousmer

Accordionist, Pianist and multi-instrumentalist Paul has a background touring internationally with rock bands including Fields of the Nephilim, Ozric Tentacles and Astralasia, also with the radical French Circus 'Archaos'.

Since moving to the Southwest, Paul has run Sherborne jazz club for many years, and is currently musical director for Wessex big band.

Paul regularly performs on various instruments in an array of musical genres.

(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Smith Pictures)

Mike Eaton

Mike started playing hurdy-gurdy after seeing Blowzabella live in concert over 30 years ago and got hooked on the instrument.  Since then, his musical identity has become rooted in the traditional music of Britain and the continent, and his repertoire spans the centuries back to the Renaissance and beyond.  

He’s been part of the Somerset/Dorset traditional music scene since the early 90’s, playing for ceilidhs and performing at festivals and other events across the country and internationally.  Mike also doubles as Fremsley’s bassist.

(Photo Courtesy of Kimberly Smith Pictures)

Chris King

Chris grew up in East London as a child of the 60's. He is mostly a self taught musician. During the early 80's he played guitar and keyboards in Pleasurama - a new wave style band. Since moving to Dorset in 1983 he has played guitar in a fairly successful covers band called Helsinki and a folk ceilidh band called  "Tear the Calico" . This led on to playing guitar and mandolin in 'Ceilidhs Comet' folk band.

More recently he's played bass in a prog rock covers band , cello in a string quartet and cello in the indie band 'Design'. Chris is also currently playing guitar and keyboards with 'Band of Rain'.

Charles Harrison

A newer addition to the band, Charles plays on fiddle and cajon. Charles is a musician and composer from Yeovil, Somerset whose experience as a musician has placed him in many ensembles across a range of genres, from folk to classical; from swing to punk. 

When not playing music, Charles can often be found writing and composing music, either for commissions or personal projects. Alongside these innovative skills, Charles runs a creative business that specialises in producing immersive audio/visual content for events and experiences.

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